Collections of loneliness

Artist book

Vienna, 2014
12,5 x 20,4 cm
96 pages
Signed & hand-bound by the artist
Language: English
Edition: 15 (available in three colors: „Sasha“: old rose, „Devon“: beige and „Sophia Rossi“: ruby).

This artist book unites amazon-customer re­views ­of masturbators for men. These sex toys are designed to look as true-to-life as vaginas as possible. The customer re­views deliver a partly sad, partly lonely and partly funny insight into the lives of the men that wrote them.

Double-page spread


Page details


Text excepts:

"Divorce on the way / Well now that this sucker is in and I tested it, the wife can hit the road. Its that good and she was not bad!"


"Nice Fun Toy / “She” is very soft to the touch and wonderful to feel,the breast were soft and firm. “She” definitely gets the job done but not a lot of options on positions; as “she” is flat backed and heavy, tends to flop over. My only complaint will be that “she” isn’t much to look at it. They could have done a better job on her face. But all in all a very good product."


"Not too loose and not too tight, but a bit too firm for my 65 year old skin / I’m a senior citizen and I think my penis skin is probably thinner and more sensitive than that of younger men. This device is about the right fit for my penis (1.5” diameter), but it is a bit too firm for my skin, even when properly lubed (I need to go for 30-45 minutes before I ejaculate so I really need a device that is very gentle on the skin). It may be worth trying to see if it suits you."


"Outstanding / The people reading these reveiws need to understand that this isnt a real vagina and to get a toy that feels like a real one are gonna easily spend 3 times as much. This items great and gets the job done."


"Oh yeahhhhh / Hey dudes I’m Chris man. I’m 27 and live with my mom and don’t get out much so I bought this plastic vtagina on amazon man. Yeahh man this thing is better than a real vagina man. Theres no face attached to it that can nag you to change your dirty, week old socks. I’ve been trying to quit smoking man so i got this new electriccc cigarette. Now I use my plastic vagina while smoking my electric cigarette man. If only I could get my mom to clean it more often. Like what is she doing anyway? But yeah man everyone should get one of these lady vagina situations ohhh yeahhh."


"bad one / my tongue got an blister after licking this ass.
hurroble toy."


Hardcover available in three different colors. Each color represents the color of one of the described sex toys. 

Die Bücher sind in drei Farben erhältlich. Die Farben sind von den Sextoys, die in dem Buch beschrieben werden, übernommen.


„Color: „Sophia Rossi“: ruby
Color: „Sasha“ – old rose:
Color: „Devon“ – beige


“Collections of loneliness”, “Pussy to go (Badeartikel)” and “a very light tongue“ are presented as individual artist books, but Prammer also arranged excerpts from them into a reading performance. Judith Humer is performing the texts.