Artist book

Tanja Lepschi and Agnes Prammer

Vienna, 2012
12 x 17 cm
60 pages and 24 pages inlay
Signed & hand-bound by the artist
Language: German & English
Edition: 7 (+3 AC)

€ 85

4 available /  4 verfügbar

“Gespenster” (“Spirits”) is an intuitive collection of photographs, combined with short quotations that interlink the images. At the end of the book is an excerpt of an interview that Prammer conducted with Lepschi. The book revolves around different topics ­such as self-portraits of young female artists, the uncanny, loneliness and mental illness.

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Double-page spread



Photos from the book

Fotografien des Buches

Collaborations with other artists

Kollaboration mit anderen Künstler_innen

For my collaboration projects I invited other artist to work together on book. I like working with people where I see a connection on a intellectual level, such as an interest in a similar topic, but not on an aesthetical level. I try to find art works that stand in contrast to my own work while dealing with the same topic.