Happiness is here

Artist book

January 2016
23,5 x 16 cm
80 pages
Hardcover with book cover
Signed & hand-bound by the artist
Edition: 8
(4 books - color: “bubblegum” / 4 books - color: “not dark yet”)

€ 120

6 available /  6 verfügbar

The photos show children in Disneyland Tokyo deeply engaged with their cellphones. The images indulge in the amusement park's visual abundance. But despite the overstimulating surrounding the visitors of the park often seem bored and in thought somewhere else.

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Double-page spread / Edition “bubblegum”

Doppelseiten-Ansicht / Edition “bubblegum”

Double-page spread / Edition “not dark yet”

Doppelseiten-Ansicht / Edition “not dark yet”



Cover, book-version: “bubblegum”
Cover, book-version: “bubblegum”

Bookbinding details

Details des Buches

Book spine: title printed on book spine (above: book-version: “bubblegum”)

Cover: title printed on book cover (above: book-version: “not dark yet”)

Photos from the book

Fotografien des Buches

Making of