Totes Gebirge

Artist book
Agnes Prammer & Johann Schoiswohl
“Totes Gebirge” (“death mountain”) combines ­photographs by Johann Schoiswohl and Prammer. With two very different photographic approaches they both address the topic of death.

Vienna, 2013
14,6 x 18,6 cm
60 pages
Signed & hand-bound by the artists

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Edition: 15
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Double-page spread


"The intention is mostly an engagement with death and how one can cope with loss. With the loss of a very close person.
However, every person probably finds its own way of dealing with this, and I liked go into the mountains very often; I went outside a lot. I took a camera with me and just took some pictures. Somehow."

— Johann Schoiswohl, 2013

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Collaborations with other artists

Kollaboration mit anderen Künstler_innen

For my collaboration projects I invited other artist to work together on book. I like working with people where I see a connection on a intellectual level, such as an interest in a similar topic, but not on an aesthetical level. I try to find art works that stand in contrast to my own work while dealing with the same topic