“Untell the story,” she said. 

Artist book

Agnes Prammer (photography, concept) & Clara Trischler (texts)
Israel and West Bank, 2011

Artist book
16 x 11 cm, 88 pages, Hardcover
Signed & hand-bound by the artist
Language: english
Edition: 10 (Artist-edition)

The book deconstructs a day trip of Palestinian children to the ocean. The children are going (with an Israeli aid organisation) to the beach for the first time.

Double-page spread


What it is about


2011 Prammer accompanied a film team to Israel and the West Bank. She was taking photos for their docu­mentary film about a day trip to the beach for Palestinian children, organized by an Israel women’s aid organisation. Palestinians are often not allowed to leave the West Bank and there­fore a lot of their children have never been to the ocean, even though they live only about fifty kilometres from the sea.
After the project was finished, Prammer sold the photographs to a magazine. She felt dissatisfied with the results of the documentary photographs in magazines. While they showed how the day trip went and the fun and excitement that this trip brought for the children, the photographs did not represent what she experienced in the West Bank.
For her the real story was about her time in the West Bank, where she experienced the state of uncertainty and waiting, also boredom – a notion that usually does not come up in the depiction of the Palestinian / Israeli conflict. But the children in the West Bank (not being able to leave) spent a lot of time waiting.

Prammer translated the monotony of the situation into the monotony and sequence of the artist book. The waiting and boredom of the children in the West Bank are the key elements of the artist book. The days around the trip to the beach are deconstructed to simple catch words, instead of showing the trip chronologically. The images are interrupted by ­quotes, that originated during the making of the movie documentary. Clara Trischler, the filmmaker of the documentary movie, provided the text material for the book.
The quotes give insight to the life, expectations and dreams of the Palestinian children.

Photos from the book

Fotografien des Buches

"So how do you image israel will look like, when you’re there?"
"I imagine it being quite beautiful, ­because they took all of our land…"
"So are you happy that you’re going?"
"Yes, very much…"
"So how do you imagine the boys and girls there to be like? Similar to here?"
"No! How similar to here? Not like here! A lot prettier…"
"Well, tell us a little about how you imagine it would be like. You’ve never been to Israel before, right?"
"No, it’s my first time."
"How do you image the buildings and streets look like?"
"I imagine the streets to be long and wide and the buildings to be tall."

— Wafaa, 2011 (12 year old Palestinian girl, talking to director Clara Trischler.)

Collaborations with other artists

Kollaboration mit anderen Künstler_innen

For my collaboration projects I invited other artist to work together on book. I like working with people where I see a connection on a intellectual level, such as an interest in a similar topic, but not on an aesthetical level. I try to find art works that stand in contrast to my own work while dealing with the same topic.