a very light tongue
Artist book

St. Louis, 2008
Signed & hand-bound by the artist
12,5 x 20,4 cm
72 pages
Language: English
Hardcover edition (comes with postcard): 40
Softcover edition: 40

On the “casual encounters” site of craigslist.org Prammer asked strangers for their sexual fantasies. The book combines stories where men express their sexual fantasies, but also stories where men reflect on female sexuality from a male point of view.
The book also examines internet privacy policies and the specific use of online language.

Hardcover-Edition (gold embossement on front and spine)

Double-page spread


What it is about


Under the pseudonym “L” Prammer posted an ad in the “casual encounters”-section on www.craigslist.org. After three hours her post got flagged and deleted. During this time she received an interesting potpourri of men‘s sexual fantasies and men reflecting on female sexuality.
Disguised in the format of an old-fashioned poetry book, its true content only reveals itself to the engaged reader.

Prammer thinks of the stories in the book as portraits. Each story is the portrait of one man. All men had send photographs of themselves with their stories. At first Prammer planed to publish these photographs with the stories, but in the end she decided against it. Without the photographs the stories speak about the issue in general and not just about the thirty participants.

The book also examines internet privacy policies and the use ­of web based language.

Text excerpts:


"my fantsy is to lay u back on the bed spread your legs and bury my head in your pussy....
i want to lick and suck your pussy your clit until u screamin and cummmin in my mouth... then i want to turn u over on your knees and tounge fuck your hot ass"


"I really want carry you to the bed and use my skills that I have learned to give you a 2 hour orgasm and do every thing ells that makes you happy I think we could have a great time lol warren"


"You knock on the door of my hotel room, you are soaking wet from a rain storm and your car has broken down. You ask if you can use the phone, I look perplexed as this is a hotel and how did you come to knock on my door. I say sure and allow you in. You had caught me right in the middle of masturbating to some hot sluts getting there asses pounded on my big screen in my room. The movie is still playing as you enter Your white dress attire is soaked, your lovely chest shows thru the thin material as I watch you walk over to the desk to use the phone. As you dial, you can see the large screen with some slutty sweaty blond bent over the open bed of a pickup truck, a cock pumping her tight ass, you can’t look away, the phone rings in your ear, the sensual sounds of her ass fucking almost inescapable as you become glued to the scene, ring ring, no answer...

…you stand there transfixed, the image of that sweaty blond spread wide open, her ass filled, screams as the pumping intensifies. (…)"


"Your pleasure will be my satisfaction. We will do what you enjoy doing and when you want to do it. There will be no pressure from me or expectation that you should do something just for me or something that you do not want to do.

I got my nickname “Oral Specialist” because I love to eat pussy. Feed it to me any way that you want. I am STARVING!"


"I am a totally uninhibited male, who wants to caress you in special ways and give you the sexual pleasure that you crave.

I will treat you with respect at all times. You will find yourself to be at ease with me relatively quickly because I am easy to talk to and relatively well educated. In the bed, you will find me to be imaginative, d/d free, long lasting, and very discrete (no one will ever know)."

Hardcover edition comes with postcard 

“Collections of loneliness”, “Pussy to go (Badeartikel)” and “a very light tongue“ are presented as individual artist books, but Prammer also arranged excerpts from them into a reading performance. Judith Humer is performing the texts.