die sonne ter mond

Artist book

Salzburg/Vienna, 2014
12 x 15,5 cm
60 pages
Hardcover with book cover
Signed & hand-bound by the artist
Edition: 11


Some misprint-versions of the book available, where chapter two is printed on a different paper. Not part of the edition, not numbered, not signed by the artist. Reduced price. 

€ 45

3 available /  3 verfügbar

The book consists of three chapters. Chapter one shows images of the living situation of a man, who lives in a cave in a public park in a posh neighborhood of Salzburg, Austria. Chapter two deals with huts and other wood formations, built by children in Viennas city forests. The focus lies on the non-goal-orientedness of the children “work”. Chapter three culminates in even less figural photographs of nature.
The different chapters are connected by questions of what is considered contemporary art and who is part of the art discourse. All three ­parts distance themselves from the goal-oriented way of a capitalistic society: The man walked away from it altogether, the children do not expect any reward (but fun) from their constructions in the wood and the monochrome color surfaces refuse to serve any purpose at all.

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Double-page spread


Chapter One: The man in the woods

Chapter Two: Landart

Third chapter: Abstraction


Cover jacket Bucheinschlag
Embossment on hardcover Prägung am Buch

Photos from the book

Fotografien des Buches