idiot hats

Yellowstone Nationalpark, 2016

Idiot hats is a humorous collection of photographs of the natural wonders of Yellowstone Nationalpark. But unlike most books about the beautiful landscapes and spectacles of the famous park, Prammer's photographs focus on lost hats and baseball caps. Each pristine landscape photographed is ruined by a hat. And not just the photographs are ruined, also the nature itself (such as delicate geysers) are threatened by the lost items.

For Prammer the inconsiderate handling of the visitors hats can be transferred to mankind’s thoughtless usage of the world at large.
The title „idiot hats“ is not labeling the former owners. The addressed „idiot“ is mankind at large. It addresses the everyday struggle of people that don’t want to hurt the environment but accidentally still do. Which is almost worst than the group of people who don’t care.

Artist book, 2017