Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum displays five ferrotypes (wetplate photographs on metal) with silkscreen letters floating in front of it; together forming the word “image”. Prammer plays with the fact that sometimes, when cooperation commission site-specific art works, it is not that important what it is, as long as it does not bother anyone too much.
Prammer plays with the word “image” in two ways. First, she literally puts “image” on the wall to point out the placeholder aspect that commissioned site-specific work sometimes has. As the commissioned work is not allowed to trouble anyone, it is usually drained of critical content. This blandness is supported by Prammer’s beautiful nature photographs in the background of each frame. For Prammer images of nature are ultimate symbol for non-disruptive placeholder art. Secondly, Prammer raises the question of the intention behind corporate support for (contemporary) art. The companies buy cultural capital with its donation, while the artists is left in between financial dependencies and supporting a company that the artist beliefs might stand in conflict with.
Only an engaged view will see these issues; for the unengaged viewer the work stays a pretty, non-disturbing commodity.