Artist book
Austria and UK, 2015
Hardcover, hand bound and signed by the artist
18 x 21 cm
Edition: 15 (8x cover: white, 4x cover: blue)

The series embraces the overwhelming feeling of powerlessness (“Ohnmachtsgefühl”) one gets when thinking of all the problems in the world at once. A feeling that leaves you completely beaten and paralysed.

In the artist book version of the series (swoon), tucked between Simmels essay from 1903 on life in a metropolis, Prammer combines photographs of passive people which are intermitted by photographs of coastal erosion and roads that lead to nowhere, a reclining glacier and pictures of meat.
Simmel writes that metropolitan, in order to endure the suffering around them, they make the decision to distance and not get emotionally involved with the pain of others around them.
Black pages appear throughout the book, until they take over.