utopia. between a rock and a hard place
Agnes Prammer
“Utopia. between a rock and a hard place”
25 concrete plates, mirror
Unique copy

Available through Faber gallery

The sculpture addresses the fragile composition that is needed so that the compatibility of family life and work life can work. Just like the card house family/work life consists of many components. Often it is only a matter of time until everything collapses.
Surprisingly, when it eventually collapses not everything is ruined. Often it can be rebuilt – in a new form.

When the work collapses during an exhibition, it remains on display like this for the rest of the day. The next day it is rebuilt, from the undamaged pieces, in a new way.

"Between a rock and a hard place" is the third work in Prammer's "utopia" series. On the one hand, the series deals with utopian dreams of a possible future and, on the other hand, with the specific anger about the still prevailing incompatibility of family and work life and the unintentional falling into traditional role models. All overshadowed by a depressed and fear-filled view of the future in the age of the climate crisis